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Thank you for your interest in our Internet credit card processing solution.

Diversity Design Studio has teamed up with two of the best solutions for merchant credit card processing. By signing up for an account through Diversity Design you will save money. We pride ourselves in offering the products and services that are considered the "Best of the Best" in the credit card processing arena, along with excellent customer support for our valued customers. The two companies we work directly with are Merchant Warehouse and

Following you will find the set up cost, and monthly fee information, as well as the preliminary application. Please fill out our contact form to be contacted for details. The rates are guaranteed to be the best as well as service.

The Merchant Account set up cost is $Free at No Charge!

The Package Provides:
* A Merchant Account
* The Virtual Terminal on Authorize.Net secure server .
* SIM (Simple Integration Method) is used when your customers order direct from your web site.
* AIM (Advanced Integration Method) If merchant has a secure site with security certificate.
* AVS - Address Verification System
* Complete Reporting Capabilities
* Redundant Backup Systems
* Pocket Authorize - Palm access to Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal
* All Future Upgrades and Enhancements
* Ongoing Customer Support

Merchant Account Discount Rate, Per Transaction Fee & Monthly Fees -
* The discount rate and per transaction fee is 2.50% + .25
* The service/statement fee is $10.00 and provides a tangible statement and 24/7 customer support.
* The monthly minimum is $25.00. This minimum is met when the discount rate and transaction fees reach $25.00

Authorize.Net Monthly Gateway Access Fee & Per Transaction Fee -
* The Gateway Access Fee $20.00
* The per transaction fee is $.10
Optional - Additional Services Offered
* Authorize.Net's eCheck.Net is a payment solution that enables online and traditional merchants to accept and process electronic check payments directly from their Web site's storefront or through the Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal.

Authorize.Net is our Payment Processing Gateway. This online, secure credit card and ACH/electronic check processing program was developed with the Internet merchant in mind. The benefits of Authorize.Net include:

* Real Time Authorization
* Compatibility with any computer platform, modem or software
* Automatically downloaded upgrades and enhancements, insuring you a cutting edge credit card processing program without future upgrading expense.
* Multi-currency capability
* Links to almost any Internet Merchant Account.
* Easily customizable for any Internet Store.
* Accessible from ANY computer with Internet Access.
* Recurring Billing Feature.
* Complete Reporting Capabilities.
* Redundant Backup Systems.
* 24/7 Customer Support.

As an Internet resident program, Authorize.Net links to your existing web site and provides your business with two distinct features: The Virtual Terminal and The Web Link

The Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal was designed for manual entry of live credit card and electronic check transactions as well as the administration and tracking of all transactions received through Authorize.Net. The Virtual Terminal is especially beneficial in the following situations:

* When orders are received via phone, fax, in person or e-mail.
* When recurring billing is required (in other words, when you have a service to which your customers subscribe or a product which is purchased on a scheduled basis).
* When reports on transaction or batch activity are required.
* When credits need to be issued.

The Web Link

The Web Link allows the merchant to link their Web Site directly to the Authorize.Net program. Customers are able to add products to their shopping cart and then purchase them by entering their credit card information and address online. Authorize.Net provides a Secure Socket Layer for transaction information and verifies each transaction through the Address Verification System for added protection. The merchant is also provided with a Payment Form template and Receipt Form template that can be customized for their site. With the Web Link, your Store becomes a completely automated, always open, money making machine.


Another add-on feature that is not required but can be added is the eCheck.Net, which allows the capture and processing of checking account information through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). This would allow the merchant to accept payments by check from those customers who need an alternative to paying by credit card.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me. I truly look forward to the opportunity of working with you and a mutually successful relationship!
I can send you a prelimary application upon your request.

My Thanks-
Karl Gillespie at Diversity Design Studio

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